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to have a vision in life is of high importance. Vision will give you a target in life, a purpose to fight for, a guideline for your deeds and thoughts daily. Life without vision lacks essentials. In an episode of a podcast of mine, the issue is having vision.

Meta discussion

The following items and discussion points will each receive their own article or even a podcast episode in the future. If the article or episode already exists, it will be linked to the particular content.

  • Why make it public?
  • Why have it in english?
  • Who’s the target audience for your vision?
  • Who gave you permission to have a vision and publish it?

A list of visionary thoughts regarding me, my life and the people I deal with daily

strikethrough points have already come to pass

  • I will be talking to Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp for inspiration
  • God saved me for his purpose
  • everything that has transpired has done so according to HIS will and design
  • I will be a good father to healthy children
  • the chief designer of Cartier will ask for my advise and devote the 2014 winter collection to my daughter
  • my life will be a blessing for others
  • me and my family will walk the path of righteousness (GOD will restore my family)
  • my sense of esthetics will be considered common sense among Directors and Chairmen
  • the company I work for will
    • be generous towards me and my wife, so I can be very generous towards others
    • exponentially and healthily grow in staff, market share, opportunities, office space and hoards of happy customers due to the blessings God can give to the Management Board for letting me work for them
  • I will be part of the Management Board before my 25th birthday
  • I will be CIO / CEO of a medium sized business latest at the age of 27
  • I will be a catalyst for the spreading of the Gospel through new media outlets only few dare dream could be used for that purpose
  • I will run a nationwide audio broadcasting network, transforming people’s lives. Faith comes through hearing
  • those who listen to my counsel will be blessed if they follow the advise
  • Deutsche Telekom will decide that my contract will be free of charge for all international calls including mobile and landline networks
  • I have a birthday celebration that will last about 4 days and will be remembered for more than 40 years
    • 80 people will be eternally saved on that occasion
    • 40 people will find their walk with GOD and HIS plan for their lives (find their purpose in life)
    • 12 new songs will be written, 10 of them will be of an unheard of quality and purity
    • 3 businesses will be started only days after the event
    • 1 of these businesses will solve a large part of the 3rd world hunger and health care problems by despite of initial doubts becoming a very large enterprise business. 10 of New York’s market listed enterprise businesses will follow that lead
    • 1 will start to write a book at the event
    • 7 will learn how to play a new Instrument
    • 2 marriages will be restored
    • 3 new marriages will occur only 8 months after the celebration
    • all prophecies spoken out during these days will be accurate to the letter
    • 10 wells will be financed and built in Kenia
    • 2 orphanages will be built in India
    • Martin Co. will decide to present me with a maximum quality, custom shop acoustic guitar
    • my old acoustic guitar will be sent to a person in Nigeria who will learn to play the instrument and will write world renown worship songs
    • one orphanage in the Philippines will be closed as all residents will surprisingly find their own parents or new parents will appear. The orphanage will be converted to a primary school setting standards in education for the region
  • the government of Ireland will decide to donate a part of land in the south-eastern shore region to my family making me an Irish Lord and my wife an Irish Lady
  • I will receive an honorary PhD for an idea I will have during a flight to a conference in Poland
  • My holiday residence will be built near Alford, Lincolnshire serving as home for a big Chinese family who only recently migrated from Shanghai
  • an odd number of years after this the Crown of Great Britain will grant me and 2 other friends of mine the title of Sir (honorary)
  • I will invent a new type of noodle during wrapping up of christmas gifts for friends in Chicago
  • productions of my Label will be considered above average standard of Hollywood
  • through someone I know in Los Angeles, a Sound stage will be built bearing my name, making me well known in the streets of Hollywood
  • one of Hollywoods large Movie production companies will decide to buy me 2 houses on Sunset Avenue and one in Beverly Hills


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