powerful language

To understand the concept of powerful language, let’s take a closer look at what powerful language and behaviour is and what it isn’t. This way we can gain insight into the difference between the powerful and the unconscious.

Productivity Hacks and Team Performance Boosts

How can you apply agile practices that you might know from SCRUM to your daily routine? Can you boost your output while staying motivated, energised, and faithful to your core?

How can you take your team to the next level in a remote working environment? Let me take you on a journey to healthy and sustainable productivity with abundant space for fun, relaxation, and above all - yourself.

pain and pleasure

Achieving deeper levels of fulfilment by choice When looking at punishment and reward in terms of educational methodologies, it’s psychologically proven that rewards are more effective than punishment.1 So far so unsurprising as pleasure promotes a higher state of being than punishment. If everything I believe in turns out to be a shared objective factual experience, that means that there is a natural drive towards a higher state of being, otherwise referred to as the good in every human being, against all odds.