Am I deserving?

Are you also sometimes asking yourself: Am I deserving of this? Am I deserving of having a great time? Am I deserving of having this amount of positive energy in my life? Am I worth it?

And the answer to all of those is a resounding yes. Yes. Yes. Yes you are deserving and yes you are worthy. You are deserving and worthy of all good things and love. Full stop. If you need a reason, here it is: because you exist.

Upper Limit Problem

In a book I read called “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks (it’s in my library) he describes this as the “Upper Limit Problem” where we experience a limit in the amount of joy we can tolerate until we sabotage ourselves. We’re diving into some nasty social programming here that somehow seems to tend to limit all sorts of good things and sends you into a spiral of doubts if there is too much positivity. Be it the amount of love available, or for instance the amount of wishes you get from the good fairy.

Your Wish Is My Command

In my experience, however, this is perverted. The genie in the bottle NEVER said “You have three wishes”, instead they said “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”. The limitation is artificial as everything else must be too good to be true according to that subconscious script. You can have any number of wishes and the genie still comes out and says “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”.

Unlimited Wishes

This runs so deep in our DNA that even if we book a flat rate contract with our provider that gives us UNLIMITED data volumes, we internally wonder, what unlimited really means, how many bits and bytes are included in my unlimited contract? What’s the limit to unlimited? There is none. It is UNLIMITED. Same with our imagination and our mental powers and the love we can share. UNLIMITED by design. The power of ultimate creation is residing within us. We’re just having a hard time imagining infinity and unlimited as a concept and as such are artificially creating a limit that was never there to begin with to fit it inside our brains.


I invite you today to start believing, that you are deserving of unlimited positive energy in your life and that you’re worth it and give yourself permission to receive this unlimited positivity.