Shape your elevator pitch (Networking Series Part 5)

Your elevator pitch, that is the way you’re introducing yourself, should be something you’re working on constantly. Elevator pitch One of the most important ways to brand yourself and let people know what you do is your elevator pitch. So how do you make sure you can get your message across the right way? How can you start raking in those requests to be hired by the right people you can help best?

Branding through events (Networking Series Part 4)

The types of events you attend shape your personal branding. Events overload I know you’re part of at least one group that has something to do with networking. And you also get asked a lot to attend major or minor events. It sometimes feels overwhelming and you can’t decide which events to attend. I’ll give you this tool to make a quick yet informed decision of which of all the events will really be the productive one for you.

Bring value first (Networking Series Part 3)

Bring value to your network first the rest will come later. Have you built your valuable and strong network already? If so, you know that seeking to bring value to your network first will make the key difference. People experienced in networking will mostly concur. I’ll list different ways of contributing value to your network in just a second. Contribute according to your abilities People generally want to improve upon their current status.