Bring value first (Networking Series Part 3)

Bring value to your network first the rest will come later. Have you built your valuable and strong network already? If so, you know that seeking to bring value to your network first will make the key difference. People experienced in networking will mostly concur. I’ll list different ways of contributing value to your network in just a second. Contribute according to your abilities People generally want to improve upon their current status.

Say goodbye to everyone (Networking Part 2)

Now here’s one networking advice I can give you. I’ve had countless opportunities through this seemingly small but impactful gesture. On the surface it’s quite simple: Always say goodbye to everyone when you’re leaving an event! And I know that it’s more complicated than that. Give me a moment to explain, though. It will become essential in your networking toolkit. Everyone’s so busy So you’ve been at this busy event and you only knew half of the people there.

Network strength (Networking Series Part 1)

Your network strength is directly proportional to your contribution to it. I will go into more detail on how you can contribute to your network in coming articles on networking. But first I think it’s best to give you some thoughts on why I think your network is only as strong as your contribution to it. For the sake of simplicity, in this piece I’m going to stick to your local economic forum as an example for a network.