Inspirations 2016

Why write a piece like this? I’m convinced that we all have our inspirations. We’re inspired by actions, ways of thinking and creations of other people. At least that’s what I’m experiencing. We socialize all the time and gravitate towards like minded people. The internet has brought us closer together. Everyone can express themselves freely and without any gatekeeper these days. Of course this makes for a lot of content in varying degrees of quality which permanently tries to gain our attention.

my take on the Brexit

In the wake of the recent referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union which in short was just called “Brexit” for those in favour of leaving the EU, there has been a lot of buzz online and elsewhere. This of course was to be expected of a vote with the potential of having wide ranging consequences. I’d like to call a lot of what’s been going on merely “noise” while trying to distill the essence of it which I’d like to call “signal”.

LBPC#042 - Bergmuffel

LBPC#042 - Bergmuffel Die geilsten Berge der Welt vor der Nase und fast nie oben? Shownotes Wir leben im Alpenvorland da leben und arbeiten wo andere Urlaub machen wie oft sind wir eigentlich auf den Bergen? einschlafen in der Badewanne Die Moar Alm auf der wir vor einem Monat waren ist hier von uns verfilmt worden: Teilnehmer: Mark Cheret und Samuel Antosch